Liza Lomax, Body Image Coach: What Unconditional Self-Love Really Looks Like

by | Aug 12, 2020 | Episodes | 0 comments

Liza Lomax is a Body Image Coach.  They help women who have yo-yo’d with weight. Who have tried every diet fad and are still not happy with their reflection in the mirror. Heal their relationship with food and their bodies. They help others eliminate their negative self talk/head trash, so they feel beautiful and confident.

Liza is offering a FREE Body Roadmap or Laser Coaching Session to Queer & Woo listeners! I had my own session with Liza shortly before this interview and I was blown with how comfortable I felt with them and how much perspective I gained about how my life experience has impacted how I view and connect with my body. I absolutely recommend that you take advantage of this amazing offer to spend an hour with Liza, 1-on-1! To schedule your session, head on over to http://www.TalkWithLiza.com

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